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Improve the level of Chinese SCM Ultrafine Mill

In recent years, the rapid development of new generation of information technology and artificial intelligence has aroused people's attention. This gives the Chinese SCM Ultrafine Mill industry to catch up with the development of the forefront of the United States, Germany, Japan SCM Ultrafine Mill industry provides an opportunity. If you seize the opportunity to a new generation of information technology and the development of China's SCM Ultrafine Mill industry, the urgent need to upgrade, will greatly enhance the level of China's SCM Ultrafine Mill.

In today's world situation, the powerful SCM Ultrafine Mill industry has become the cornerstone of the national overall strength, "Made in China 2025" laid the foundation of China's manufacturing strategy to develop advanced SCM Ultrafine Mill industry, intelligent manufacturing is undoubtedly the SCM Ultrafine Mill industry transformation and upgrading The key point.

China's intelligent manufacturing in China made 2025 caused widespread concern, now both in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, in order to solve the rising labor costs, improve quality, deal with some environmental problems, recruitment problems and so on, the enterprise digital network manufacturing - also Is the "machine substitutions" is becoming a trend.

As we all know, the quality of SCM Ultrafine Mill depends on two factors: the first is the quality of key parts. If the key parts are not high quality, we absolutely can not make high quality SCM Ultrafine Mill. The second point is whether the laborer is dedicated.

In China there are a lot of SCM Ultrafine Mills pay attention to carved, these SCM Ultrafine Mills in the small-scale production when the quality can be guaranteed, but a mass production, the quality of the problem, so the world that the Chinese SCM Ultrafine Mill is low-end manufacturing The However, if the machine instead of the repeated labor, may make the quality of the SCM Ultrafine Mill has been greatly improved.

Vice Minister of the Ministry of Machinery Shen Tong once said that the quality of the Chinese SCM Ultrafine Mill is not doing well, but not good to do. To solve these two problems, one is to rely on digital network of machines to replace people engaged in repetitive labor, the second is to cultivate professionalism.

In this case, "machine substitutions" is bound to become an important part of the development of SCM Ultrafine Mill industry. At present, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other provinces have announced the launch of "machine substitutions" program. To Guangdong, for example, the next three years, industrial technology investment will reach 943 billion yuan, and will promote more than 1950 industrial enterprises to implement "machine substitutions."

The current artificial intelligence has accelerated the commercialization process in five areas: voice recognition, image recognition, search optimization and digital marketing, intelligent driving, data services, especially with what we now call digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing, So many factories can provide intelligent SCM Ultrafine Mill. If the digital network is the beginning of this revolution in science and technology and industry, a new generation of artificial intelligence technology breakthroughs and extensive application will become the climax of this change.

Comparison Of Ultra - Fine Grinding Technology

Ultrafine grinding technology, such as agitating mill, is gaining increasing attention in the grinding process of finer minerals. Three different mixing mills were compared in the following three aspects: energy consumption, product particle size distribution and dissociation of minerals under different grinding fineness. Laboratory tests were carried out using two high-speed mixing mills for re-grinding of zinc concentrate and medium. And the current production using a tower mill for re-grinding results were compared. Compared with the tower mill, high-speed mixing mill less energy consumption. Compared to other mills, under a given P80, the intermittent agitating mill can achieve higher levels of fine particles. Through the fine grinding, sulfide minerals and quartz dissociation degree has been further improved. However, for different minerals and different types of mill, this improvement is not exactly the same. The greatest benefit from the use of high-speed agitating mill to reduce the fineness of grinding is to significantly improve the dissolution of quartz. This is probably due to the need for greater stress strength for quartz grinding compared to the grinding of sulfide minerals. When the sulfide minerals in the previous grinding to obtain an effective dissociation, high-speed mixing mill to bring greater stress intensity of the dissociation of quartz is very necessary.

SCM Ultrafine Mill Parameter

SCM Ultrafine Mill Parameter

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